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Business Opportunities available in Kim, CO

These are just a few of the opportunities that would be options for entrepreneurs. As more and more activities start taking place at the Mustang Pavilion the list will no doubt grow. The Kim community is a wonderful place to live and raise kids. The Mustang Pavilion already provides numerous opportunities for kids and adults alike whom either are competing,have aspirations of competing in the arena, enjoy training and improving their horses performace,  or just enjoy the recreational activities the Mustang Pavilion provides for. 


Farrier - Kim is in the heart of an area that has many horses  and many more are brought in for events at the Mustang Pavilion - A good Farrier could probably stay as busy as he wanted to.


Stock Contractor - Kim is in the middle of the Rodeo world. A stock contractor could provide stock for rodeos and ropings  North, South, East, or West. There are many events held in all directions from Kim as well as the many events held at the Mustang Pavilion.


Store - The Kim Outpost Genreal Store is available with a wide variety of items to purchase.

The owners are looking to retire. There is a golden oppertunity for someone to take that over and expand the hours and product line to acccommodate all the participants that attend the events held at the Mustang Pavilion


Restaurant - There is a good little restaurant at the Kim Outpost General Store, but it is typically not open or available during events. Again, there is a real good opportunity to purchase and take over a very successfull business and expand it and make it even more successful.


Motel - There are 5 rooms available at the Cowboy Cabins. There will probably be a need for many more rooms in the future.


Housing Development- There is one home with lots available now. Call Rick @ 719 643 5563 or Dale @ 719 643 5354. There is no doubt there will be a need for more houses in Kim in the future.   Nice Home for Sale


Truckers/Trucking Companies - Over the years there have been several different families involved in trucking that prefered to live in Kim and send their kids to our school. Cattle and Hay are typically what most truckers that lived here hauled.


Internet Based Companies - We already have two or three businesses that are basically run using the internet in the Kim Community now. If you would like any more information on some of the options available, please call RC  or Joanna Patterson @ 719 643 5275


Horse Trainers- Our community is an obvious good option for horse trainers...In fact several of the clinics that have been held at the Mustang Pavilion during the construction phases and start up have been horse training and horsemanship clinics. 


Horse Programs - If you are a horse trainer and have a TV show already or have aspirations of doing so, there is a real good possibility that the Mustang Pavilion could be a venue for the show.


Carpenter - There have been several carpenters over the years that have spent time in the community and they have virtually always stayed busy. With the expected increase of building activity in the future, there would potientially be an even bigger need.


Processing Plant- Most ranchers for miles around raise their own beef and then struggle to find a place to get it butchered. There is also a lot of wild game that is harvested out of our community, deer, elk, etc... A good processing plant could probably stay pretty busy.  


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